About Nature

A course on Fitoalimurgia and the use of spontaneous plants, the nutrition of the future? The entomophagy! Insects, with their food qualities, are the past and the future of nutrition, this is the reason why we should start to consider them as a good alternative to meat and fish.

Here’s the reason for this course, designed to keep up with an evolution that tends to the origins.

The course will be held by experts from the A.S.E. Associazione Sportiva Ecodinamica, which has always dealt with the topics concerning nature, nutrition, biodynamics and use of natural resources and the Dott. In Natural Sciences Stefano Macchetta, also a Nature Guide of the Piedmont Region AIGAE.

The course will take place at our Campus during the day of March 24th from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm and will include practical experimentation of the use of what was collected by the participants in the course for preparing lunch.

You will find all the information in the dedicated poster, you can contact us for reservations at number 340-5414755, or send us an email to: info@salgaricampus.it

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